Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love My Lady Cloth

Yay it's finally Finished!

Love My Lady Cloth Has 5 Sizes!

Mini Liner, Liner, Regular, Heavy And Overnight or Postpartum

The postpartum pad is a bit special it has an optional pocket

~ Great for holding an ice pack for those 1st few days postpartum~

A pretty stack of Regulars

Here are the mini liners

If you have never used lady cloth - I strongly suggest you try it!

Many women who use lady cloth say that they experience short cycles (Yay!) and Less cramping (Double Yay!) I personally have experienced this! When I first started I eased myself into it... I used one pad once in one cycle and slowly got up to using them full time per cycle.

But how to I wash them? You ask....
What I do is I have a zipper pouch that is my bathroom and I just pop them in there and when my cycle is finished I soak them for a day in some oxy nappy stuff, then rince them in cold water pop them in the washing machine on a normal cycle and then either hang them on the clothes horse or in to the dryer they go.

What to make them out of...
I used flannel for next to skin fabric for the first ones I made and I have just discovered velour - Now that’s bliss for the Lady Parts ;)

I use one layer Zorb2 or 2 layers of Zorb or Microfiber for the absorbent layer, For Liners I use two layers of flannel.

Then to back them I either use PUL or Anti-Pill Polar Fleece.

And resin snaps for closures.


  1. sounds like interesting! Do you sell the patterns?

  2. Great idea, but I'm lazy lol and it sounds like a lot of work just to keep them clean.

  3. Can finished product using this pattern be sold? I want to buy it for myself anyways, but I was just wondering.